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Weather in Alicante, Temperature and Climate

Like most of the south eastern coastline of Spain, the Weather in Alicante is pretty good all year round. The temperature averages during winter rarely drop below 13 Celsius. The summer months average around 30 Celsius. The mild winters and humid summers can be attributed to the mountain ranges that lie inland.

tiempo en Alicante

Weather in Alicante, Spain

The Alicante mountain range acts as a shield against the colder weather fronts. The mountains helps to keep the warmer humid air inside, like a protective cove. The Alicante weather and climate changes a lot in the mountainous areas in the north. The focus of this article is for Alicante itself as opposed to the entire region.

Weather in Alicante in September, October & November

Winter in Alicante starts at the beginning of December. The average temperature now is around 13 Celsius. Below we provide a little information about what to expect during the winter months.


September is particularly hot, much the same as August. the temperature can reach the late thirties and on occasion as high as 40 Celsius. The temperature will begin to fall as September reaches it’s conclusion.


October can be one of the most unpredictable months of the year in Alicante. The temperature is cooling rapidly now and rainfall is at it’s highest. The weather phenomenon known as the “Gota Fria” or “Cold Drop” plays a significant role in this unpredictable weather.

A “Cold Drop” often occurs on the eastern coastline of the Mediterranean. As the cold polar air (jet stream) from the western coast and cold air from the Pyrenees meets the hotter Spanish air on the eastern coastline.

Weather in December, January & February


December sees the temperature dropping after the hot summer. The monthly average temperature now is around 13 Celsius. The high during the month can be as much as 18 Celsius.

Unlike other areas Spain, there is not a great deal of rainfall in December here. Many still enjoy outdoor activities well into the new year.


January is the coldest month in most of Alicante. The temperature during this month will rarely exceed 14 Celsius. January does not see much rainfall but the weather can be very changeable.

The Sea temperature drops to around 15 Celsius during this month. The overnight temperature can drop to as little as 5 Celsius.


February is coming towards the end of winter but the temperature at night can be very cold. The day temperature is usually around 14 Celsius. At night time it’s common to see ground frost in the morning and the temperature dropping to as low as zero.


May sees the average temperature increasing to 18 – 23 Celsius. This is the same for much of the region. The temperatures can rise towards the end of May to as high as 30 Celsius.

There is still quite a bit of rainfall but the Sea temperature is increasing also we approach summer.

Weather in Alicante in June, July & August

The summer does not start until June but the temperature is increasing during May. April and May experience more rainfall than the winter months. It’s not uncommon to experience high temperature also.
Below is a snippet of information about the weather in Alicante during the warmer months


June is the start of summer and the temperature is almost always in the late twenties. This will reach as high as 30 Celsius often during this month.

The Sea temperature is warming up also to around 21 Celsius. Ideal for a swim to cool down from the hot sun.


July is the height of summer in Alicante. The temperature now will rarely drop below 25 Celsius. In fact, it’s more common to experience hot and dry temperatures between 30 – 35 Celsius more often than not. July is ideal beach weather so you can expect the beaches to be full wherever you decide to enjoy your day.


August is without doubt the hottest month of the year. The temperature will often exceed 35 Celsius and even as high as 40 Celsius. It’s common to see the Spaniards leaving the beach between 2 – 5pm when the sun is at it’s hottest.

Alicante Monthly Temperature

The image below displays the average temperature during each month in Alicante. You can also see how many days of rain each month will have. Other useful things include the expected hours of sunshine each day.

Temperatura mensual en Alicante


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